Done!  We (mainly Lamont) has “pulled” all the wood from our three vineyard and got it to the burnpiles.  As the term implies “pulled” means exactly that.  We take off one set of trellising wires and hook them to the bottom of the end posts.   Lamont makes the cuts for wood to keep,  and wood to remove, and then the latter gets “pulled”.  Before you do this you need to make sure you have taken off all the clips that hold the wood in place – otherwise your shoulder gets pulled rather then the wood!   The pulled wood comprises large pieces of the cordon (the horizontal wood) and the adjoining fruiting canes from last year.  If you are lucky you can pull it off the wires in large frames that you can then stack and carry to the end of the row to put in the trailer.  We don’t mulch our wood as in this climate as we are concerned about powdery mildew.  Powdery mildew is a fungus common to our cool coastal climate and affects both the vines and the fruit.  The fruiting bodies (cleistothecia) of the fungus can overwinter in the wood and buds and release spores in the spring on new wood and foliage. It prevents wood and fruit from maturing properly:  too much of it and the grapes are worthless.   Mulching isn’t worth that kind of risk.