Winery – time to bottle the vintage

Bottling took us 4 days this year with 5 people per shift.  If you remember from the last blog the wine had been pad filtered and racked to a clean tank after cold stabilization.   With caps, bottles, labels and most importantly wines ready to go,  we set up our bottling line in the barrel room.   First the bottled [...]

Winery – 13 skids of bottles arrive – yeah!

Our 13 skids of bottles arrived this week. It was a busy day as we had to rent a small truck to unload the big truck as the big one can't get down our driveway.  Last year it took the bigger truck 3 hours to get up the driveway and double that for us to [...]

Winery: checking residual sugar levels

After checking alcohol levels of the wine (which we need to put on our labels) it is time to check other parameters again like the pH, TA (total acidity), and residual sugar.  We have a very simple method for testing residual sugar.  Do you recognize the bottle of clinitest tablets?   They used to use these for checking [...]

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