Vineyard: 2015 & 1958 GDD’s hottest years since 1914

Although things cooled off in Sep, 2015 was still the warmest growing season we’ve recorded, and much of the heat came in earlier months when the days were long.  The unusually high GDDs this year were due to a warm temperature anomaly in the Pacific off our coast (referred to by oceanographers as the ‘blob’) [...]

Vineyard – Harvest of Millot and Foch Sept 17th

We picked Foch on Tuesday.  Nearly 3 tons in all! Thanks to all that came out to harvest - we really appreciate the good humor, good fun and good help!  Thanks Leanna for the pics (  Today we pitched the yeast on 3 bins like these - check out the winery blog for more pictures!

Vineyard: most of the wood “pulled”

Done!  We (mainly Lamont) has "pulled" all the wood from our three vineyard and got it to the burnpiles.  As the term implies "pulled" means exactly that.  We take off one set of trellising wires and hook them to the bottom of the end posts.   Lamont makes the cuts for wood to keep,  and wood to [...]

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