August was a very warm month! In Saanich, August’s GDD were higher than in any of the previous 10 years; in Cowichan and Comox, only Aug 2014 was warmer.  Rainfall was very low in Saanich, about average in Cowichan and Comox – drier than Aug 2015 in all 3 areas.   All 3 areas had a cool beginning and end of August, with lots of heat in-between. Like last year, the August summer weather came to an abrupt end with a stretch of cool wet weather. Spring, summer and fall seem to be coming earlier these past few years!  All areas have higher cumulative GDD than any of the previous 10 years except for 2015.  Long term forecast: neutral conditions in the La Nina/El Nino curve are expected to continue, although there’s now an upward trend into spring 2017. Slightly warmer than average temperatures are predicted for the next three months.  We are getting ready for an early harvest!