• 2016 Wine Jelly Product

Jams & Preserves – from our farm grown sour cherries and loganberries

Right now we have our farm grown Sour Cherry Jam and Loganberry Jam on the shelves. Rhubarb and strawberry selections coming soon – just waiting on mother nature!

Product Description

We make all our jams from unsprayed local fruit. We make loganberry jam and sour cherry jam from our own farm fruit, and French method jams from strawberries from Guités or Dan’s farm just a few farms north and south of us.   French method jams have twice the fruit per ounce and less than half the sugar of regular jams – which means they have amazing intensity of flavor. We make several French method jams: Strawberry Lemon, Strawberry Vanilla Bean and Strawberry Pepper Balsamic are a few of the favorites!