Product Description

Currently on the shelves :  Farm Grown Sour Cherry Rhubarb Black Mustard Chutney and Farm Grown Curried Pippin chutney, the latter made with our Pippin apples, mustard seed, golden raisins and a raft of spices (mild/med hot).   We make our chutneys with our verjus rather than vinegar. Grapes for our verjus are picked and pressed early in the season when they are high in tartaric and malic acid. Verjus is a much better pairing in products accompanying wine (like in chutney and in dressings for salads) than vinegar which contains acetic acid. We grow our Cox’s Orange Pippin apples on the farm for chutney – they are the best apple for chutney as they keep their shape and crunch. The sour cherry rhubarb chutney is amazing with local grilled chicken or sausage!