White Grapes we grow in our Saanich Vineyards

<strong>Pinot Gris</strong>
Pinot GrisThink lemon, pear and honey
Pinot Gris is one of the largest plantings on Vancouver Island. We make two different styles of wine from this grape. Our Pinot Gris is crisp, with lemon, lime and pear aromatics and flavors and a hint of minerality. Our barrel aged Pinot Gris finishes its ferment in neutral oak barrels, and has a softer rounder mouthfeel. The barrel provides a little more complexity to the wine – but does not overpower.
GewurztraminerThink lychee and grassy florals
Few vineyards grow Gewurztraminer here on Vancouver Island. It’s a bear to manage in the vineyard and yields are low, however it makes a wonderful aromatic wine every year. Full of lychee aromas and flavors, with grassy notes and exotic florals, it makes a distinctive medium bodied wine. We love it in the winery – and it never lasts long in the tasting room. Hint: it sells out quickly!
OrtegaThink white peaches and citrus
Ortega is common on the island as a single varietal. It is a cross between Siegrebbe and Muller-Thurgau – both very aromatic wines. It yields well in our climate and ripens early: usually 2 – 3 weeks before our Pinots. We make our Ortega as a light dry wine and it has wonderful aromatics and flavors of white peaches and lemon lime. Fantastic with our island seafood!

Red Grapes we grow in our Saanich Vineyards

<strong>Pinot Noir</strong>
Pinot NoirThink strawberries, cherries and violets
We have a large planting of Pinot Noir and every year we make a dry French style rosé wine from some of the fruit. The rosé has an amazing nose of strawberries, and sour cherry with these following through on the palate. Dry but juicy! In hot years (2006, 2009, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 so far) we have made a red wine from the Pinot. It is a lighter fruit forward red wine , aged in french barrels for over a year. Our 2018 Pinot Noir is now available in the tasting room. Enjoy!
MillotThink raspberries and blackberries
Millot is similar in parentage to Marchal Foch; both are believed to be a cross with Goldreisling (itself a cross) and Vitis riparia/rupestris. Our Millot is light in style, similar to a Beaujolais, and is best served slightly chilled, making it a wonderful summer wine. The wine has huge fresh raspberry and blackberry flavors, which balances nicely with the light contribution of vanilla and spice from the few months the wines spends in American oak barrels.
<strong>Marechal Foch</strong>
Marechal FochThink plum, cassis, mocha and vanilla
Although similar in parentage to Millot, we make Foch in a very different style. We leave the developing wine for over a year in newer American oak barrels sur lie and the result is a medium bodied wine with rich plum and cassis and undertones of cinnamon, mocha, chocolate, and vanilla,