Symphony's 2020 Case Club

Celebrating all good things local (that means you - our very loyal customers!)

Dining al fresco

Classes on local

Case Club Member nights

How to become a Symphony Case Club Member

A wine case club can mean many things these days! Ours is simple. We really appreciate that you buy by the case so in return we offer you better pricing on our wines. Since we think our venue and staff are rather special, we also host some unique events during the season for case club members. Here's how our case pricing works:

Purchase 2 cases @ $20 off per case (post tax) for Symphony Case Club membership

As a Symphony Case Club Member you get $25 off further cases, and an invitation (for you and your partner or guest) to all our case club events. We usually host two dining al fresco events in July & August. We will know if that is possible in 2020 as the summer progresses. Thank you for your understanding.

Upcoming Case Club Event Dates

CASE CLUB  We look forward to the summer day when we can offer events again at the winery.  The  minute we can we’ll be ready! 

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